Robert Dempsey

Robert Dempsey joined Shire in 2014 and was the Group Vice President and Head of the Global Ophthalmology Franchise. He led the divestiture of the lead Ophthalmic asset Xiidra® (lifitegrast ophthalmic solution) 5% to Novartis in May 2019 for up to $5.3B from Shire’s initial investment of ~$165M in 2013.

Previously, Robert led Shire’s Ophthalmology Franchise in the US. He was instrumental in building and launching the Franchise and has extensive leadership experience in sales, marketing, medical affairs and business development.

Under Robert’s leadership, Shire developed a diverse pipeline through strategic acquisitions and organic growth, and in July 2016, secured US FDA approval on its first product in the eye care space, Xiidra® (lifitegrast ophthalmic solution) 5%.

Robert was responsible for leading the commercialization strategy for dry eye disease, from launch preparation to in-market implementation, which ushered in a new era for Shire in Ophthalmology. Shire’s activities in the space reignited the marketplace and helped establish the company in dry eye disease.

Under Robert’s helm, Shire successfully acquired four companies and contributed to the franchise and growing pipeline of early, mid and late-stage innovative candidates, aimed at improving vision-related quality of life.

Robert has over 25 years of diverse experience in the eye care industry. In August of 2018, he joined the Board of SciFluor a subsidiary of Allied Minds. In addition, he serves on the Boards of the International Council of Ophthalmology Foundation, St. Elizabeth’s Restoration of Sight Foundation and is a frequent panel member at the Ophthalmology Innovation Summit.

Robert is recognized for his knowledge and experience in the ophthalmology industry and his strategic relationships with leaders and eye care professionals. Robert has been involved in the creation of successful commercial programs and launches of more than ten ophthalmology products.

He holds a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.