December 11, 2015

Watch Dr. Bala Ambati's INK Talk, 'My Journey in Vision'

Dr. Bala Ambati presents "My Journey in Vision" at the the INK Conference. In association with TED, the INK Conference and INK Talks are India’s leading platform for spreading ideas, having featured eminent speakers and leading innovators of India.




"My Journey in Vision" — After becoming the world’s youngest doctor at 17, Bala Ambati found his calling in service to the world’s blind—a staggering number which currently stands at 42 million people. Dr. Ambati came to the pivotal conclusion that “the way we deliver medicines to the eye has to be better” and began developing an implantable disc to enable cataract surgery patients to heal without eye drops. In this hopeful talk, Dr. Ambati shares details of his research as well as the motivation he draws from his patients. Recorded at INK2015, Mumbai