January 22, 2016

iVeena announces the initiation of its Scientific Advisory Board with the appointment of three prominent ophthalmologists and Opinion Leaders in their respective disciplines.

Formation of iVeena Scientific Advisory Board:

iVeena announces appointment of Edward Holland, MD., Director of Cornea Services at Cincinnati Eye Institute and Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Cincinnati, Stephen Lane, MD., Medical Director Associated Eye Care and Clinical Professor University of Minnesota Associated Eye Care, and Dr. Randall Olson, MD., CEO of the Moran Eye center.

“We are extremely proud that this group of distinguished Ophthalmologists and Opinion Leaders have agreed to serve on the iVeena Scientific Advisory Board to assist iVeena in the execution of its ophthalmology product development program," said Dr. Bala Ambati, President and Founder of iVeena and Jerry Simmons, CEO.

More detailed background statements for these individuals are included in this web site under the Scientific Advisory Board tab.