May 31, 2017

iVeena announces the initiation of its Phase I/2b in-human pilot clinical study for IVMED-10, a bioerodable implant designed to eliminate the need for eye drops after cataract surgery.

On Monday, May 30th, iVeena initiated the Phase I/2a pilot clinical study for IVMED-10. This product is a bioerodable dexamethasone implant given at the time of cataract surgery that releases the drug in the lens capsule over an approximate two week period. “This product is designed to eliminate the need for daily administration of a steroid and an NSAID that published reports show is highly confusing and difficult for a significant portion of the older target population that under go cataract surgery," said Jerry Simmons, CEO. The market for post surgery cataract drops exceeds $1B annually. Results of the study should be available late July or early August, this year.