iVeena has been awarded a total of $450K in NSF and NIH grants to advance its Keratoconus Orphan Drug candidate and Gene Therapy programs.

06 September 2017

"iVeena is pleased to receive a total of $450K in Federal Government grants to advance its portfolio programs," said Gerald Simmons, CEO. "$225K is an NIH grant for its Keratoconus Orphan Drug candidate. IVMED-80 is the first eye-drop, non-surgical, non-laser treatment for medical crosslinking of the cornea. $225K is an NSF grant for iVeena’s Gene Therapy program for various ophthalmic applications.”

  1. SBIR Phase 1 by the NIH NEI Principal Investigator(s): Sarah Abdulla Molokhia, PHD Project Title: Topical Eyedrop Therapy for Keratoconus FAIN: R43EY027636
  2. SBIR Phase 1 by the NSF. Principal Investigator (s): Sarah Abdulla Molokhia, PHD Project Title: Dual suppression of VEGF-A and PDGF-B with extended gene therapy for neovascular AMD FAIN: 1721400