April 27, 2021

iVeena Announces Notice of Allowance for US Patent Application Covering IVMED-80 for Treatment of Keratoconus

April 27, 2021 – Salt Lake City, UT – iVeena, a clinical stage ophthalmology company addressing unmet medical need in the pharmacologic treatment of corneal dystrophies and myopic conditions, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a notice of allowance for its application (App. No. 15/083,865) entitled “Cross-Linking Agents and Associated Methods”.  This will be the first issued patent protecting IVMED-80.

IVMED-80 is a proprietary non-surgical, non-invasive, disease modifying intervention with FDA orphan designation that upregulates lysyl oxidase (LOX) and induces corneal crosslinking pharmacologically.  Upon issuance, the patent will provide US protection until at least 2041. The patent will protect key compositions and formulations of IVMED-80.

“We are very pleased with this Notice of Allowance which is the first patent protecting our IVMED-80 technology,” says iVeena CEO Jerry Simmons, “This is especially exciting considering the recent positive clinical results from the IVMED-80 phase 1/2a study.  With new intellectual property and positive clinical trial results the future development IVEMD-80 appears very promising.”